From our farm to your table, every week!

What is Community Supported Agriculture?

CSA is a way to reconnect families and individuals with the farms in their local communities. CSA is a refreshing commitment to local agriculture considering that most produce in our country travels about 1,300 miles while our own neighborhood farms are often unable to survive. CSA members support the farm by buying a share of the year’s harvest. Members pay for their share in advance, providing capital for operating expenses such as seeds, compost, utilities, greenhouse supplies, etc. When the harvest begins in early June members come to the farm once a week to pick up their share (receive a delivery, or collect a boxed share from a delivery site) . Members become more connected to the land by eating seasonally and by seeing how weather effects the crops. An early frost may kill off the last of the tomatoes but might sweeten up the fall spinach!

Our Growing Practices

We are strongly committed to sustainable agriculture practices.  Being a Certified Organic farm, we never apply chemical herbicides, pesticides or toxic fertilizers to the land. We are always working to make efficient use of water, energy, and farm resources, as well as biodiversity and the economic viability of our small family farm.


Membership at Oh Yeah! Farms

Our CSA members…. 

  • Enjoy eating freshly picked, delicious, organic veggies
  • get to try new varieties and recipes
  • show their kids where food really comes from
  • are directly connected to the farm where their food is produced
  • ensure the viability of small family farms




Your generous donation supports our community outreach education days on the farm, procurement of tools such as Shovels, Seeds and Pay Employees - we appreciate your support!