NOW ACCEPTING enthusiastic APPLICAnts FOR the oh yeah! farms internship program!

Be an integral part of the OH YEAH! FARMS team. Learn organic farming practices, share what you help grow at local markets, and become an all around awesome farmer. This is a work-based learning program that gives you hands on experience in sustainable agricultural production and full farm immersion! 


Daily activities may include: 

-Starting seeds in flats, hardening off, and transplanting

-Direct seeding in the field

-Various modes of cultivation and weed control: small hand tools, large hand tools, mechanized tools, flaming, and mulching

-Working with drip tape and micro sprinklers for irrigation

-Pruning techniques for annuals and perennials

-Composting, soil amendments, cover crops, and soil fertility

-Pest control

-Season extension and crop protection including row cover, low tunnel, high tunnel, and greenhouse

-Fence building, repairs, and other construction project.

-Harvesting, cleaning, and packing product for sale. 

Please drop us a line for more info about our 2017 internship program



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OUR SCHEDULE: School groups M-F, Harvest/Gleaning M-Th-F