Tilth Producers of Washington: Member of the Month

By Angela Anegon


Late in August, Tilth Producers was able to experience a day-in-the life of Chris Petry, farmer/owner of Oh Yeah! Farms in Leavenworth, WA. Following him from field to bakery to farmers market, it was a pleasure to see this young farmer share his passion from soil through sales. Somewhere in between morning harvest and milling flour, Education Coordinator, Angela Anegon, was able to sit down with Farmer Chris to converse about his farm operations, aspirations for becoming a master baker, and love of all things Tilth Producers. 

If the US had 100 Million New Farmers, You Would Meet Them Everywhere

In their book, A Nation of Farmers:Defeating the Food Crisis on American Soil,Sharon Astyk and Aaron Newton tell us that the United States needs 100 million new farmers in order to ensure a food secure future.  Imagine what that would be like, you would meet farmers everywhere - on the street, at work, on the bus, at the doctors or even on a mountain top.